25 Feb

WordPress Installed! Now What? Part 1

Therefore you just installed wordpress and do not really know what to do?

Allow me to give you the first 5 easy steps that I actually have taken with this website and every other site I possess worked on. hide my wp plugin

*Before I be able to the top 5, be warned that creating a successful wordpress blog doesn’t just happen overnight. Once you are up and running you are going to need to get traffic (I will write an article on that soon! ) and constantly keep track of site. Alright well let’s get started. 

*Disclaimer* These top five are for folks new to wordpress, thus if you are a wordpress pro this article will not be helpful.

1 ) Design! The standard wordpress theme that is included with a fresh install is hideous. Site visitors to your site will tend to leave quickly if your design will not look professional and set up. I’ve noticed that the best wordpress websites either don’t even look like wordpress and/or super clean and organized.

One more thing to think about is the style you want to use; one column, two column, even 4?. Just how do you really know what to use? A great way is to try and design what you need your blog to look like in your mind. Even more than likely someone has a free of charge design near what you want. **And bear in mind take your time and get what you want. When buying a design, people tend to rush and simply put something up.

Here are some links to get that new design:

WordPress By itself
Top WP Themes
Motif Collection
2. So you have your new design. The next thing your going to want to do is get some plugins to spice up your blog and increase its functionality. Plugins range anywhere from rss supply generators to random offer generators)
This is my top 3 Set of jacks:

All in One SEO
Google Sitemap
Feedsmith Feedburner
So what do these do?
First, All-in-one SEO will helps you with search engine results. This kind of is the best tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that I have yet to find.

Moment, Google Sitemap creates a simple xml sitemap for you blog. (A sitemap is a couple of all the url’s in a site). This url can be given to google, then they index you into their search results.

Lastly, Feedsmith Feedburner will provide you with more arranged control over your REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION feed. This can be used through feedburner. com (get a bank account, highly recommended). Feedburner was bought by google, so that your feed is safe!

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