21 Dec

Wireless Headphone Report! – Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones Reviewed

A person worry about bothering someone else in the room when you are listening to your Pioneer SE-DIR800C Mobile Headphones. The SE-DIR800C mobile phones, which can hook up to any 5. 1 funnel source — including a digital cable box, game system, or Auto dvd unit — come with Dolby Head-phone technology, which produces up to five virtual sound system inside your head by directing and reflecting the sound from each port. sennheiser wireless headphones

The end result is a truly stunning encircle sound experience that is far more dimensional with your standard run of the mill headphones. Several have said that it is a lot better than a high performance surround audio speakers. The audio tracks is very natural sounding and will not cause “listener fatigue” like a lot of other headphones do. The Leading SE-DIR800C work with a variety of different are around formats, including Dolby Are around, Dolby Digital, and DTS. 

A very important factor i know you will love about the Pioneer SE-DIR800C Headphones is that they are completely cordless. They come with a tiny wireless transmitter that connects to your source (game system, DVD player, stereo, etc. ) and transmits a clear, strong signal thanks to infrared technology to the earbuds. Due to wireless technology, you won’t accidentally tear the cord out, or worry about someone walking on it and messing up your headphones.

The Leading SE-DIR800C Headphones also feature plenty of “virtual room” presets that you can choose from. The alternatives actually reproduce the sound of your playback system in up to three different being attentive environments based on the acoustic measurements of real rooms.

Product Description

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C Infrared Wifi Surround Sound Headphones replicate 5. 1 channel loudspeakers that creates high quality surround sound just like what you will experience from a traditional home cinema. The Master SE-DIR800C headphones process Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Reasoning II and DTS encircle sound from a gambling console, DVD player, or CD player linked through the optical or concentrique input.

The SE-DIR800C earphones have super soft earphone enclosures so your whole ear is cushioned for the best comfort in headphones that you can find. Die hard movie and video gaming lovers now have a new good friend in the mission to be entertained at any time including the decibel level of their inclination.

Let’s have a look at the merchandise Features

Wireless 5. 1 are around sound headphones with Dolby Headphone multichannel technology
Support for Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Surround platforms; transmission range of up to 26 feet
In a position of manufacturing up to 5 virtual loudspeakers in your head to create an immersive surround experience
Small, medium, and large “virtual room” presets primarily based on acoustical measurements of actual rooms
Volume control built in; also includes transmitter and rechargeable twice A electric batteries
90-day guarantee
This is why the Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headsets are worth buying
These types of headphones create really correct sound and it has several Dolby Pro Reasoning modes that sound very good, it also deals with to reproduce surround appear in the most pleasurable way.
The Pioneer SE-DIR800C never loses connection. You don’t have to get worried about it crackling, going, or going silent.
The comfort with these earbuds is outstanding. You should be capable of wear them for 2 to 4 hours without having to shift them around.
The Good
The music quality is terrific and user-selectable settings for ambience and material.
The fit of the headphones is very good, also it is fairly light and i have no issues with comfort.
The wireless feature is a major plus and the key contributor to the convenience factor.

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