26 Nov

Why Switch To Solar-Powered LED Lighting?

Designers consider LED as the continuing future of lighting technology. As a matter of fact, CONTRIBUTED is already gaining recognition even when it is still in the process of development. Because of the strong campaign towards green living, consumers are now transitioning to more reliable and energy-efficient type of lamps. Presently more and more households are now beginning to patronize LED lights for his or her home design and light needs. Below are the reasons why LED solar power lighting is needs to outperform the conventional lighting product like incandescent light lamps and fluorescent bulbs. den led am tran

Just how Efficient LED Solar Lamps Is?

Compared to the traditional lighting products ADDED solar lights are more energy-efficient. First, LED lights require very little amount of energy to operate than incandescent and fluorescent lights. Second, it creates an incredible illumination per watt than the conventional kind of bulbs. With the increasing cost of energy today and the intensifying environmental consciousness in consumers, increased efficiency is often equated to lower energy costs and reduction in environmental damage. 


At the present, manufacturers can create LEDs in several colors from red, orange, and yellowish to green, blue and violet without employing the color filters that many conventional lighting methods requires. Moreover, by using several gradation of LEDs at different concentration, LED sun light producers can actually form millions of stunning colors that can be used in enhancements like color washing, fading, changing, etc. Furthermore, manufacturing colorful LEDs is also more energy-efficient than other shaded lights and it reduces the upfront cost of the item.


LEDs comes in several sizes. And they can still be efficient even if they are small in size. This kind of is the reason why they are widely used for electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and remote controls.


Possibly though dimming may well not be an essential property of a bulb or for general lighting purposes but this makes LED photo voltaic light become more flexible. This special feature of LED causes it to be a great choice for solar garden light. This is the reason why a lot of designers prefer using LEDs than like incandescent light bulbs ad CFL.

Life expectancy

LED solar light continues a long time if harmonized to traditional light bulbs. Average long life lamps survive for 1, five-hundred hours. A common light lamp with 700 hours go through half as long. Although LEDs are estimated to last between 50, 000-100, 000 hours.


LEDs do not easily break or acquire damage with external shock than neon and incandescent bulbs considering the fact that it is covered with solid state material. As a result, LED solar lights often wear better over time than traditional fixtures. Even so, LEDs are more vulnerable to high temperature than traditional lights though.


Another good thing about switching to LED solar lighting is the fact LEDs do not contain harmful material such as mercury. This kind of makes LED light less lethal and less dangerous to human and environment.

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