16 Aug

Web Design – Marketing Via the Web

How people find information now is quite a lttle bit different than 10 years back. This may be clear to most people but many businesses have not taken care of immediately this challenge. Your website is your main marketing tool now plus your web design is critical to successful marketing. Michael Berookim

The consumer consumption of media has changed dramatically. Over 41% of media consumption is now done online compared to offline. As a business, if you are not spending at least forty percent of your marketing us dollars on web based marketing plans then you are slipping behind. E-Marketer reports that in 2010, internet centered advertising will surpass magazine advertising to get the leading advertising medium employed by marketers. 

This gets back in how people find services on a local level. That they don’t use the green pages anymore, they use the internet to look for those for services. Then they visit 5-8 websites and evaluate if those are companies that they would consider doing business with and then they call them and ask for quotes. After they search for those services, did your business show up on the first page of Google or Yahoo where you have got to a chance to get involved in the consumer analysis? If not, then anyone with even in the game.

If you are fortunately enough to get a visit to your website then your site must now sell your company to the customer. They are going to compare you to your opponents site and decide who they want to continue with. Does your website bunch up or is it 5 years old with a dated design with poor usability? This is where web design is needed.

The stages of our internet marketing system are the following:

Discovery – Determine the prospective market and available traffic
Build targeted traffic – Individuals who are looking for your service
Convert traffic to leads – Get visitors and then convert visitors to certified prospects
Measure results – Track visitor behavior on your site with Net Analytics
Adjust tactics – Improve conversions by assessment improvements
Repeat – Constant improvement in web design marketing


Discovery is doing the research to determine precisely what are the important keywords that folks hunt for your product or service. Concentrating on keywords that don’t have much traffic would be a waste of resources and does not transform your life website performance. Discovery is also analyzing your competition to determine how strong they can be in the online world. You’ll need to hop over them for important keywords to get visitors.

Build Traffic:

Subsequent you need to get more people to your website. That means using the right blend of Pay out Per Click advertising and seo to raise the targeted traffic aimed at your website. You only want people that are considering your particular service to come to your site.

Convert Traffic to Leads:

Once you get traffic you have to convert it or get wasted your money on traffic generations. This is where web design is essential. A poor design will inform your site visitors that this is not only a company that I would do business with. Commit in a little for a cheap website and that’s what you get. The website is a direct reflection of your company and it will indicate the professionalism and dedication that you have for your business.

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