09 Mar

Vinyl Banner Printing – Durable Advertising

Convertible top banners are a great choice if you are buying a way to get the word on your next industry event, advertise a sale or marketing offer at your business, or maybe spice up the interior of your business. Whether you need them indoors or outdoors, plastic banners give you much more earnings than other types of signs. Vinyl printing in Pune

With all the advances in digital printing and ink systems in recent times, more and more businesses are choosing these banners as their signs choice. The low-cost, put together with the infinite sums of possibilities available, make vinyl banners a great choice for virtually every business. Right now there are many features that set this type of signage apart from the rest, which are the following: 

Vinyl Banners Present Extreme Durability

As compared to heavy paper substrates, vinyl offers far superior strength in just about any environment. Vinyl is impervious to rain harm, holds up very well in windy conditions, and is resistant to removal in direct sunlight. This kind of feature makes printg ads on vinyl a great choice for outdoor situations, in which it is merely temporarily displayed, as well as long-term outdoor use as store front signs or promotional advertising. Once combined with the right UV curing inks, convertible top banners will last up to 5+ years before needing replacement, and can potentially last even much longer in the right conditions.

Vinyl Banners & Tattoo Technology

Challenging advances in ink technologies in the past decade, you can create custom vinyl imprinted banners that will avoid fading in windy, rainy, or sunny conditions. If using UV curing ink, solvent inks, or the latest latex inks, you can print a vinyl fabric banner that will keep going as long as you want it to.

Different Types of Vinyl Ads

Scrim Vinyl – great choice for 100% external use. Scrim Vinyl is very durable, water resistant and is the most commonly used vinyl for outdoor banners that will be in place for long periods of time.
Dull Vinyl – reduces glare. Matte Vinyl works very well with banners made up of lots of images because of its glare lowering properties. Matte vinyl also provides for a greater browsing angle, enabling you to see the content from an extensive position position.
Gloss Vinyl – great for vibrant colors. Gloss vinyl is a kind of vinyl meant for having a coating on top of the graphics published. This process makes the colors “pop”, creating a more eye-catching look.
Power outage Vinyl – perfect for 2-sided printing. Blackout vinyl consists of 3 layers of convertible top, with the middle coating being solid black. This permits no light to glow through, which is required for printing on both sides of the plastic banner.
Adhesive Vinyl – almost limitless applications. Clammy vinyl does just what it says, adheres to things. Adhesive vinyl can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be fixed onto many different surfaces including metal, real wood, brick, tile, and others.
Mesh Vinyl – great for use outdoors far from walls. Mesh vinyl includes very small holes, which allow light and air through. This makes nylon uppers vinyl an ideal choice for position in the open, and not having to worry about wind conditions putting stress on the apparatus the banner is attached to.
Where are Vinyl Banners Used?

The demand for vinyl imprinted banners in recent times has induced them to provide in a variety of places some of which include:

Trade Show Banners
Building Sites
Welcome Symptoms
Street Pole Advertising
Window Signs

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