01 May

Top 4 Destinations for Netball Trips With a School Travel Service

Netball trips provide school netball teams with an stimulating change of setting, a brand new set of teams to compete against and learn from, as well as the possibility to see a part of the world they might never have frequented. A school travel service provides school groups with the high quality enterprise and security that ensures a peaceful and successful trip. Team players will take advantage of professional, experienced AENA (All England Netball Association) coaches and world-class facilities, increasing their key netball skills. Top destinations for netball trips include Rome, Malta, Barbados and Southerly Africa. www.tripindicator.com


Using the CDFAS National Training Center as a base, netball trips to Paris are a top choice for school groups. The CDFAS Centre is located only a short journey from central Paris, which means journeys can incorporate an comprehensive use of the premium quality facilities with a visit to Paris and the cultural landmarks – the Champs-? lys? es, the Louvre, the Eiffel Structure, Notre Dame and more.


Accessibly located within Europe, this island then of Malta makes a pleasing and safe place for netball groups to develop their skills past the school grounds. An excellent school travel service can arrange a stay in the bustling town of St Julian’s, nearby the training and fixture facilities as well as the air-port. May is the best time to visit, with the most teams present and superb weather. Spare time options are varied, including shopping, swimming, bowling, karaoke, disco and the Knights in battle Spectacular 1565 dinner show.


Netball players would be the envy of all their friends with a trip to Barbados. This exotic island offers the Barbados International indoor facility at Sir Garfield Sobers athletics complex, where many clubs play, particularly between January and August when the next thunderstorm is clear for playing outside. If by using a school travel service, groups may easily get the centre as well as enjoy a stay in a southern Barbados resort. Beyond the scheduled training and playing sessions, they can take it easy on the white sand beaches, go snorkelling or surfing in the beautiful blue seas, concert tours the island, or mind to the near by town of Oistens on a Friday night due to its seafood fry and festivities on the beach.

South The african continent

S. africa is an outstanding destination for school netball groups, combining the possibility to stimulate their passion for netball overseas with a country packed with natural miracles and curriculum-enhancing excursions. A college travel service will navigate the unfamiliarities of S. africa to ensure a fulfilling very safe stay. After playing against other teams in Southerly Africa’s generous weather, organizations can go shopping in difficulties cities or explore issues of natural variety and conservation in the spectacular and inspiring scenery.

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