15 Aug

Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings

This is the scenario. You find that you get a few periodic clicks from a key word from Google. Afterward you go and find out that your site is situated in 30’s for that particular keyword. You believe “Great, my site got situated in Google”. google keyword search volume api

The game is not over yet. What happens if your page position is increased and located in page 1, at no cost? Yes, that can be done it. How? Here is the answer. 

Keyword Ranks: Find out the actual position of your page in Google. You need not find this manually. You can use “Google Rankings” tool to find this out. Go to “Google Rankings” home page, enter in your keyword and web link and click on “Whats my rank”. You can then get your get ranking on the internet. (You will desire a free Google API key. Just search for “free Google API key” in Google. You will more information about it)

Difficulty Level: Now that you received your page position, let us estimate the issue level of the keyword. This kind of can be done by using “search term difficulty checker” tools. There are numerous tools available, you may use any one of them.

Estimation Traffic: Another piece of information you need to know is, how much traffic you can expect from the keyword. You can find the estimate hits per day making use of this tool, digitalpoint. com/tools/suggestion

Seo: Now that we acquired all the information about the keyword, our next step is to optimize your page. There is a tool called Gorank. contendo which provides periodic studies on search engines and notifys you what Yahoo wishes, what Google wants.

Therefore, go ahead, tweak your page a little by

1. Chaging title tags, incorporating keywords in it.

2. Modifying content with 3% keyword density.

3. Optimizing your images.

4. Getting backlinks by article syndication, blog commenting, network etc..

Now, wait until your page is listed. Check your page position again. You will definitely see a noticable difference in the rank. Go on and continue the above until you reach #1.

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