09 Aug

Tips on Prepping Your Home for a Popcorn Ceiling Removal Project

Popcorn ceilings were quite popular lower back among the 1950s and the Nineteen Eighties. They have been lower pricedand they were as an alternative easy to install. It was pretty much the usual in homes returned then, especially in hallways and bedrooms. Prescott Popcorn Ceiling Removal

no longer handiest were they pricepowerful and effortlessly established, popcorn ceilings were also opted for due to the fact they effortlessly concealed imperfections. there has been no want to clean out any flaws in the ceiling for the reason that sprayed-on material essentially blanketed it. Popcorn ceilings also have acoustical traits and are capable of keepsound from journeyingthat is why they have been pretty popular in bedrooms. 

but popcorn ceilings are no longer preferred by means of house owners and shoppers. In reality, popcorn ceilings are actually considered unattractive, which is a large cause why many owners were step by step disposing of them from their homes because the Eighties. And the truth that asbestos is regularly located on this cloth makes the removal of popcorn ceilings even extra crucial.

If you’re like many other house owners out there who nonetheless have popcorn ceilings in your propertyyou’ve likelydecided that it is time for them to goif soit is crucial that you bring in experts within the realm of popcorn ceiling elimination to have this cloth removed in choose of a far smoother, more aesthetically appealing end.

To make this process greater powerful, there are a few things you may do as a property owner to put together your own home for popcorn ceiling elimination.

Seal Off the flooring

let’s face it. Popcorn ceiling removal is extremely messy. All that fabric that is being scraped off turns into minuscule dustdebris that can get everywheresuch as your ducts.

earlier than the popcorn ceilings are eliminated, the floors ought to be completely covered from wall to wall. To do thisyou will want thick plastic sheets that are then going to be taped down at each wall so the flooring are absolutelyprotected. Then, you may use contractor paper to add another layer on pinnacle of the thick plastic in order that there may be no hazard of slipping whilst running in the location.

The paper is likewise placed because it will take in any moisture that could gather within the areaso that you canremove popcorn ceiling cloth using the scraping approach, water will want to be sprayed on pinnacle of the fabric to soften it. Doing so will make it lots less difficult to scrape the material off. however spraying water on the ceiling alsomanner that water will ultimately fall onto the groundby means of having paper laid on pinnacle of the plastic sheet, the water will be efficiently absorbed.

close Off doorways

a good way to prevent the popcorn ceiling fabric from making its way into the hallway and other elements of your private homeyou may want to close off any doorways that lead out of doors of the room. this may assist to make the cleanup activity plenty less difficult as soon as the material has been removed from your ceiling.

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