12 May

The Powerful Rewards From Positive Words at Work

Speaking respectfully of your professionals, company policies, products, and services, will generate positive feelings in your peers and customers. If you have trouble with your attitudes toward work, you would be wise to consider what internal or external issues you may want to resolve. Grammarly Discount

In examining whether you have conflicting issues or attitudes towards someone, think about whether you possessed such a strong need to be right about something that you are sacrificing the marriage. When we are knowing for sure we are right and others are wrong, it obstructs us from seeing the broader picture. Consider whether acceptance or forgiveness are applicable and wise in your circumstances. In case the concern is larger, for instance a company ethical matter, then you might need to focus more on justice, instead, and seek help from others to fix the matter. 


In any setting, appreciation is one of the very most powerful positive communication techniques you can use. The words on this song sum up how appreciation feels:

When each one of us seems important inside
Loving and giving and glad we are going to alive
Oh exactly what a big difference we’ll make in daily
And all because someone decided to say…
My spouse and i think you’re wonderful
~ From “I Think If you’re Wonderful” by Kathy and Red Grammer, (C)1986 Smilin’ Atcha Music, Inc., on the Red Grammer documenting “Teaching Peace”

Naming and praising specific character talents in others conveys understanding, promotes good feelings and character growth, and tones up relationships. Rather than simply saying “thank you” or “that was excellent of you, ” use Figure Quality Language to admit specific character strengths you observe. For example:

u Thank you for being [helpful, truthful… ] when you….
um I appreciate your [respect, faithfulness… ].
um I love how [courteous, friendly… ] you are!

Such sales and marketing communications raise awareness of personality strengths and reinforce the practice of them as well.
Practicing and conveying appreciation of character characteristics in your workplace communications causes surprisingly positive results. Thinking and speaking well of your relationship or marriage partner, family, co workers, managers, and the people and companies your place of work or organization serves, may produce these results:

um Greater happiness and pleasure for both you and those with whom you live and work
um Increased openness and supportive spirit for working jointly to address needs, deal with issues, and find alternatives
o Greater ease in keeping promises made to the other person
o Improved communication
o Increased participation and more use of positive words and activities

Phrases are so powerful that they may make or break interactions. “We are equipped for bruising or soothing our customers with words; all this is determined by how we use them. The service professional who can use words well gains a definite advantage in the service transaction. ” (Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, Delivering Knock Your Stockings Off Service, p. 57)

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