09 Apr

The Biphasic Effect: Why Proper THC Dosage is Important

The consequences of cannabis vary by specific and are highly centered on dosing and form of preparation (e. g., vapes, edibles, etc. ). It’s important to remember that like many chemicals, cannabinoids — THC in particular — have a biphasic effect, meaning low and high doses can have opposite effects in users. This can be partly why many people may feel calm with low doses of cannabis and paranoid under high doses. Most medical marijuana practitioners advise patients to start out with a low dosage and slowly but surely increase dosage as the patient determines how their body reacts. This process is referred to as “self-titration. ” CBD Oil UK

Another way to think of the biphasic effect is as a therapeutic window. Hashish has a narrow restorative range, meaning the between the optimal dosage that elicits the effect one desires versus a dose that creates adverse results can be subtle. Consider chronic pain as an example: most studies of cannabis and chronic pain report that patients find relief in low to moderate doses of hashish, but may find pain exacerbated when the serving is actually high. 
Further more complicating the problem is that THC and CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT levels — as well as THC: CBD proportions — can vary considerably from strain to tension, therefore it is important for folks to be conscious of these levels as they find the most appropriate dose to treat their condition.

A similar goes for lifestyle users who may find they have a desire for your strain. One pressure will make them feel extremely drowsy or anxious, while another may make them feel relaxed and happy. Everyone’s body is different, so how one responds to cannabis can differ dramatically.

Optimal Dosing (Low to Moderate Doses):
High mood, feelings of zest, and relaxation
Sleepiness (although higher CBD concentrations can contradict this effect)
Maximize in creative imagination
Blocking the detection of pain
Treating nausea
Appetite stimulation
Poor Dosing (High Doses):
Hallucinations varying from mild to moderate
Heightened pain sensitivity

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