30 Jan

The Best Hammocks Come in Double

Larger is often better, and two is usually greater than one. The best hammocks will be no different. A large “double hammock” is better than its regular size cousin for several reasons. Listed below are four of them. free standing hammock

1. More Room to Move
Just as a King size bed is more comfortable than a twin, a huge hammock offers a more relaxing stay than a smaller one. Together with the extra space you can move around until you find the most comfortable position. While small hammocks force you to lie straight in a banana-like cocoon position, much larger models let you sit sideways to obtain an accent, more bed-like familiar feel. You can even extend completely sideways, if there is room, and playfully swing action away. 

2. Double Hammock = Twice the Close friends
If you are willing to talk about that extra space you can often fit two, or even 3 people into a huge hammock. The key is to all lie, or sit, side by side. The most comfortable hammocks are woven hammocks from Mexico or Nicaragua, and the larger sizes holds up to 800 lbs .! So unless your friends is surely an NFL lineman and the gorilla, you should be safe.

3. Make use of it as a Hammock Bed
Because of the comfort factor, double hammocks work great as hammock beds. You may lie right for short naps or to read an at the book; the straight position will cause your backside to be supported in a reclined position and the sides of the hammock will form a cocoon that serves as an armrest for keeping an e book. When ever you’re ready to show up asleep you can stay as you are or move diagonally until if you’re most comfortable. And discover plenty of room for a pillow and covers if you want.
Note: Some of the best hammocks include fringes on the factors which can work great as makeshift blankets on a cool night.

4. Durability
If you take good care of your hammock the extra strength provided with a bigger size will allow your hammock to last for years, or even decades. Simply avoid sharp objects and don’t rule out in the sun and rainfall too much and it should last just short of a lifetime.

So there they are: 4 good reasons why the best hammock is the greatest you can find. Unless you aren’t camping, travelling, or in 2nd grade there’s no reason to go small, and every reason to go big! Happy nap time!

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