12 Apr

Stealth Android GPS App VS Non Stealth Android GPS Apps

When choosing an Android GPS application, you will come across two different types of Android os tracking apps. The first being a “stealth” traffic monitoring app, and the other a non-stealth tracking iphone app. Although both of these programs do the same task (which is to observe the place of any Google android cell phone) they both are intended for a certain type of consumer, so before you spend any of your money, be sure to know the difference as described below. Period Tracker

NON-Stealth Android os GPS App

These are software that permit you to track the location of an Android cellular phone with the user’s knowledge they are being monitored. Common uses for this are social networking software that permit you to essentially broadcast where you are to others so they know where you are. Additional uses for this is how you want to inform your household where you are. These Android monitoring applications are the most popular, and will be the application of choice for many people. Not only are they the most affordable, nevertheless they are found in the Android iphone app store, which makes it easy so that you can buy and install.

The main element point here is that the iphone app is 100% OBVIOUS to the user. This kind of means they know totally that they are being tracked.


Stealth Android monitoring applications are marketed towards a different sort of group of potential buyers. These buyers are people buying a way to observe their spouse to discover infidelity, secretly keep an eye on their children, or perhaps monitor employees if they are out in the field. These applications are NOT found within the Android iphone app store, and tend to be more expensive than non-stealth Google android tracking apps.

The key differentiator is that the user WILL NOT know they are being followed. That is why stealth Android GPS UNIT programs are so popular for anyone who wants in order to a cheating spouse, as they are able to do it without their spouse knowing they are being followed.

So which Android monitoring software is best for you? All this is determined by your situation and “WHAT” your reasons are for wanting to get this type of app. Certainly, if you wish to read your family or broadcast your region, then a non-stealth iphone app works, but if you need to “secretly” trail your spouse, kids, or employees, then your best option would have been a stealth Google android tracking app.

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