25 Aug

Some Of The More Unusual Activities In Bangkok

Persons visit Bangkok from worldwide, often spending days at the same time exploring what is considered one of the better cities in the world. Whilst much traffic are familiar with the myriad of departmental stores, markets, bars, clubs, theme parks and other activities focused at tourists, there is an impressive number of activities lesser known to the outside world. Below we review many of these activities in more detail. Hébergement insolite


Well-liked by locals but not so well recognized to visitors are the wakeboarding cable park systems of Lake Taco and Thai Wake Park. Palabrota Lake is located around Suvarnabhumi airport and contains a big lake with a cable running counter-clockwise about the perimeter and featuring a variety of jumps, ramps and side rails to test people’s skills. 

There exists a restaurant and wakeboarding shop on site making this cable park a great way to relax from the hustle of Bangkok and get away from the heat during. Thai Wake Park can be found in Lamlukla district, which is definitely North of the capitol. Thai Wake Recreation area is pricier than Jaleo Lake but the facilities are of a higher standard catering to the more advanced wakeboarder and there are hotel facilities for long-stay visitors, as well as a therapeutic massage area and restaurant on site.


As Bangkok is found in the toned plains in the gulf of mexico of Thailand, there are naturally lots of wetlands around the outskirts of metropolis. Some of these lakes have been altered into recreational areas including one on the East outer ring road towards Suvarnabhumi airport.

A restaurant called ‘Paeingam’ sits on the advantage of the lake which is popular with locals, but unfamiliar to many is that there is a jetski rental shop just lurking behind the restaurant. A range of jetskis can be rented from around 2, 000 THB per hour. If you are an adrenaline junky searching for a fun water sport in Bangkok, this might be the place for you.

Ice Hockey

Presently there are dozens of basketball clubs, rugby clubs, volant, tennis and running facilities in Bangkok, however few-people are aware that there are a couple of snow rinks in Bangkok, like the new International standard rink at Central Rama being unfaithful. Ice Hockey is a popular pastime for North Americans, usually surviving in Bangkok, but the sport is developing for locals who are often seen at Central Rama 9 training.

In addition there are twelve-monthly competitions, usually saved in October getting people from around the region and featuring clubs from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and as much afield as the Midsection East. Another ice rink can be found at Imperial World near Bangna which is more affordable but not as modern as ‘The Rink’ in Rama 9. Imperial Globe still attracts a little but dedicated number of glaciers hockey enthusiasts from around Bangkok.


Flowhouse Bangkok opened in September 2012 and was Thailand’s first flowriding facility. Located in Sukhumvit 26, Flowhouse Bangkok is a fantastic retreat, particularly on weekends with both guests and locals making a trip to improve their riding skills and take in the relaxed mood.

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