14 Aug

Overview of Psychometric Testing and Personality Tests – Part I

Psychometric tests are structured tests that seek to objectively measure aspects of an individual’s mental ability, or elements of their personality. Indeed, the word ‘psychometric’ originates from the Ancient greek words for mental (psyche) and measurement (metron). teste psicotécnico do detran

Right now there are many different types of psychometric test available to employers. Psychometric examination essentially fall under two teams. There are the ones that evaluate a model’s ability to know the written word, or their capability to reason with numbers, or to follow guidelines precisely. And then there are personality tests, evaluating everything from motivation to values, from personality amour to working preferences. 

Within just psychology, personality is described as those aspects of a person that are thought relatively fixed and long-lasting and therefore can be measured by using a test. These kinds of aspects, which incorporate to make us unique, also permit us to identify ourselves from all other people and permit a comparison between individuals. Personality is not seen as something we have got but instead how we hook up to the environment and the ground around us.

Largely all accredited psychometrics that strive to measure aspects of personality, and many tests of ability, are conceived by Occupational Psychologists. This is because assessments have to be constructed carefully to make certain that they will be good to all prospects starting them.

There are typically two key uses for psychometric testing in the work environment: selection and development.

Psychometric testing is employed during the recruiting stage to support the organisation to help make the best choice in selecting the best option applicants, or to assist decision-making when selecting individuals to advance. During selection for recruitment, psychometric assessments should not be applied to their own. They signify just one approach that employers can use in the selection process.

Psychometric testing can be very valuable during the hiring of an individual as they can help to identify personalities/values/abilities, which are known to lead to success in the role. To get example, measures of intellectual ability are correlated with success in a bureaucratic position. Such measures can be considerably more predictive than other selection strategies including the unstructured interview.

One particular of the most repeated problems with using psychometric tests during the recruiting stage is that checks are usually used, but selecting managers often do not comprehend the actual results suggest in conditions of whether the results should add to a yes/no decision or not. For this reason, when making a recruitment process which uses psychometric tests, it is usually a good idea to seek the advice of an Occupational Psycho therapist who are able to make clear how the results should be used. An occupational psychologist can also advise on moral test use, including how to make clear the use of psychometric tests and wise practice surrounding how to provide feedback to candidates.

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