01 Jun

National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences: Centers For Oceans And Human Health

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is the US government’s leading agency accountable for performing studies dedicated to basic-science, disease-oriented research, global environmental health, clinical research, and a comprehensive training for researchers. Peter Zmijewski

The NIEHS is constantly working towards lowering the responsibility induced by human illness and disability through in-depth knowledge of how environmental factors could influence the creation and advancement of individuals diseases.

The NIEHS, in close cooperation with this individual National Science Foundation (NSF), has recently announced a funding opportunity entitled Centers for Oceans and Man Health (COHH). 

The COHH program necessitates the application of grant proposals which contain processes to deal with the difficulties involving oceans and human health.

The major function of the COHH program is to provide linkages between people in ocean sciences and biomedical communities in the desires of supporting interdisciplinary studies in locations where detailed understanding of marine techniques and ecosystems harbor the opportunity to reduce open public health risks.

With the primary goal of bettering the nation’s knowledge about the impact of the sea on human health, the NIEHS encourages interested job seekers to submit proposals that will address Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) research and marine pollution, including the effects of chemical poisons, effects of global weather changes to the seas, etc.

The COHH program plans to grant three to four awards with an believed total budget of $4. 2 million for the fiscal year 2012.

Interested people are asked to post their applications electronically to the Grants. gov website. Deadline of submissions will be on November twenty two, 2011.

Institutions or organizations will be permitted to use as long as they are any of the following:

a) Higher Education Institutions, either public/state manipulated or private

b) Revenue and Nonprofit organizations such as small businesses

c) local governments with the US and its areas and possessions

d) individual school districts

e) Community Housing Authorities/Indian Housing Specialists

f) Native American Tribe Organizations (other than Government recognized tribal governments)

g) Faith-based or Community-based Companies

h) Regional Organizations

The COHH program is also driven by the NIEHS’s prefer to explore the end results of human coverage to environmental agents, thus hoping that these studies will lead to:

a) the identification of providers which may be hazardous and contain the likelihood of offering humans diseases, disorders and defects;

b) the business of effective disease reduction strategies

c) the prior of human health results due to environmental real estate agents

d) the development of products and technologies tailored towards the better comprehension of the effects of damaging environmental real estate agents

e) and lastly, the successful education and training of research scientists in all regions of environmental health research.

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