19 Aug

Making Money Selling Your Online Photos

Today almost every person has 2 things, a digital camera and a Facebook accounts. Have you noticed that you’re being image tagged on Facebook almost every day. Facebook claims to have over 10 billion photographs from their users. In the event you think about how precisely much money is not being made on Facebook, you have to rethink the next time you publish another image on Facebook . com particularly if you are a specialist photographer. كوبون خصم نمشي 50

Let us do the math, given that 90% of all photographs posted on Facebook has no commercial value it still leaves 1 billion dollars photographs which might have some commercial value. Whenever we are to follow the pricing ways of stock image websites, it is going to still be worth half a million dollars. 

Aside from getting a “like” or a nice comment from your Facebook friends, as a professional photographer you should think of getting more value from your online photos. What you should consider is to earn money your web photographs or get advertising mileage that will help your picture taking business grow rather than have your photographs stored on Facebook and expecting your Facebook friends to “like” them.

How you can generate profits on your online photos?

1 ) Create a website

The site is the best destination to generate profits on your online photos. A simple blog running on WordPress will perform. If you love free stuff, try making a blog on Tumblr or Tumblr.

installment obligations on your Create a Fotomoto Account

Selling your online photographs with stock photography websites will not allow you to money but instead it undervalues your image and yourself as a photographer. The best way to generate profits with your web photographs is if you can name your own price and this may be possible with Fotomoto. It is an e-commerce system for photographers, it is free and ask you for only when you sell your web photos. It works with WordPress blogs, Blogger websites and Tumblr blogs.

3. Make a Facebook Page

We didn’t say to disconnect your Facebook account. What I would like one to do is create a Facebook Page. The main good thing about a Facebook . com Page or admirer Webpage over your regular Facebook . com account is that it shouldn’t have the 5, 1000 friend limit. What it means is that it gives you you better value in conditions of advertising when you post anything about your photography business specially when you upload a photography online.

4. Make a Twitter Consideration

Mainly to make use of it to advertise your website where you upload your online photographs for sale.

These types of are the only things need to successfully earn a living selling photographs online. Next time you are thinking of posting an image on Fb, think carefully before you do. Think about the potential money it can earn you if upload and sell it by yourself website and simply update your Facebook status that you have an online image up for sale. The money you can make may buy you the digital camera you have been dreaming about.

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