05 Mar

Kerala Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicines

Kerala is a blissful land, so is its Ayurveda. Endowed with extraordinary normally beauty and greenery, Kerala is aptly called ‘God’s Own Country’. Ayurveda is synonymous with Kerala and it is one of its major attractions. Tourists from across the globe go for Kerala holidays to experience the bliss of it is Ayurveda. The literal so this means of this word is ‘Science of Life’. That is practiced like a religion by the people of this state. And it was originated around 5000 years ago. In line with the legend this system of medicine was taught to human beings by God Brahma, the creator of the universe. macho man é bom

Kerala Ayurveda relaxes the body and the mind to the hilt. It also helps bring about strong immunity, sharp memory space and longevity. From beauty care program to stress management, slimming program, revitalization remedy and anti-ageing program, this system of medication offers a lot of options. Some of the best Ayurveda resorts are found in Kerala. 

There are several Rejuvenation Treatments in Ayurveda for healing and rejuvenation. Yoga and Relaxation can be learned here.

Ayurveda Medicines are mostly made from herbs, vegetables, fruits and veggies, plants, flowers and crops that is found in our environment.

You will find different varieties of medicines and some of them are mentioned below:


Medical herbs are being used to make this medicine. It can be used in bettering appetite and digestion and discharge poisonous materials from the entire body.


It is given to those patients who undergo from weakness.


This is meant for those patients who have intestinal and difficult.


This is employed for nourishing the body cells and cells.


It is natural and organic power is employed for the teeth cleaning and nasal remedy.

Visit Kerala and enjoy the bliss of the Ayurvedic massage. You are bound to come again completely rejuvenate. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a variety of massages and therapy.

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