02 Feb

Its Not Health Care, Its Your Health, Stupid

I possess heard about as much as I can stand on this whole health care debate. Republicans and Democrats and everybody in between trying to find the wheel with health care reform when we have an abundance of nations around the world that contain sorted it out already. How come are we not taking a look at one other country to accumulate whatever we can from their system to see how it will work for our bait? Last time I actually paid attention (unfortunately that was yesterday, I’m not able to find my apathy here) there are over 744 pages in the new healthcare bill. Of what? Mostly amendments and pork that contain not do with me or the other 315 million Us citizens who require health attention. But there is one giant omission that, as much as I can tell, has not been addressed by anyone in congress to a significant degree. And that is prevention of preventable illnesses and health conditions. What are these? Very well, overweight and obesity to begin with. walk in clinic tuscumbia alabama

Would you believe 63% of american citizens are overweight or obese? That is over 6 of ever 10 people. 63 out of every 75. That means that if an average joe knows 100 people, they, then they know 63 those who are: 

– In hazard of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertonie, asthma, migraines and even erectile dysfunction.
– Supporting businesses that provide poor quality foods to Americans, including food containing trans fat, meat with steroids, fresh vegetables with high levels of toxic pesticides, and those are the ones that actually eat vegetables!
– Providing our children with deep-fried and processed foods in their schools.
– Jamming up our hospitals and treatment centers and increasing our health care costs by as much as $147 billion dollars 12 months in line with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), practically 10 percent of most health care costs nationwide!

How do nobody doing anything about it? The 2009 skin flick Food Inc. looked into this problem and found staggering facts about large corporations and the mission for larger profits. Just about all of the food we eat is so clinically increased in a way to provide it faster and cheaper that there is very little nutrition left. Only fat and empty calories. And who may be to blame for buying this crap? America, of course.

Now, anyone who says “It’s a no cost country and I can do what I like” is absolutely right. It is a free country. Although here’s the problem. Once I hear this range, I hear something different. I hear “It’s a free country, and I actually can run up all of our health treatment costs, making things more serious for everyone, if I want to”. I also notice “It’s a free of charge country, and I can support companies that will target all of us to make us sick for a quicker profit if I actually want”. And don’t even get me started on parents who feed children this garbage. Why not? Because I’m going to speak about it anyway.

Around America, the most effective growing population of overweight and obese people are kids. Children under 18 that are being fed prepared and fried foods with no real benefit for our health. Parents, institution food program administrators, clinics; everywhere I look, We see junk food. These kinds of children then grow up to be overweight and obese adults. The circuit then continues. A College or university of North Carolina research in 2009 found that practically one in 3 children in America are obese or overweight. In addition, obese children as young as three years old have early warning symptoms for heart problems and diabetes while this and many other studies have shown that overweight and obese youngsters are far more likely to become obese adults. In fact, when considering the lifelong problems caused by parents who raise obese children because of a lack of caring or apathy towards healthy lifestyle choices, one could even make the case that raising obese children should be an offense. Anyone who disagrees is encouraged to see practically every other country on the globe, where you would be hard constrained to find overweight or obese people as much larger than even five percent of the population.

And an answer? I’m sorry, but with the exception of a bunch of home help books and some documentaries, I’ve seen little or nothing. I have not heard President Obama say anything. Some listen to President Bush say nearly anything except for an sad praise of our over-subsidized farmers and meat manufacturers. I have heard telephone calls for scientists, engineers, doctors, even border patrol! Even more border patrol? But anyone heard the call for more nutritionists or dietitians? Has anyone been aware of anyone calling for many who work to prevent us from spending $147 billion dollars doze months on preventable health care costs? Are we going to leave the legislature spend our money and time arguing over an overly-complex health care system that is so fouled up and muddled at this point that its stands to make little or no difference if it passes or not? With simply a fraction of this money, Americans can produce a difference.

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