22 Apr

Import From China – The Humble British Bicycle

It really is amazing to feel that there are, today, over 300 million bicycles in Cina. A far cry to their popularity as overdue as the 1940’s when there were only around half a million bikes in the whole of that country. cross damski

What is peculiar is usually that the Chinese bi-cycle industry, according to Net research, has begun in the same way that the British bicycle industry finds itself today. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the bicycles on sale in China were of high quality and imported from Britain, Germany and the U. S., with English bicycle producers exhibiting their machines in China. The early production lines placed up by the major Chinese importers were all from imported components and very small quantities in comparison to the amounts of bicycles being ridden and sold in Europe and America.

Today, we have gone full circle. Wherever Britain and Europe used to supply all the Far east market, China is now producing around an incredible 64 million bicycles a year. Surprisingly, though, their export rate is exhibiting some indications of decrease. The major manufacturer of bicycles is Taiwan. Wherever Britain used as the supplier of high-quality mountain bikes into China, it is the imports back into Europe that are high quality, with prices to match. In years absent by, anything imported was always considered of poor quality and price monthly premiums could be expected on British-made products. While cheap bicycles less than 75 GBP can be purchased online, or within high-street catalogue shops, most high street bicycle shop prices are far and away above this. A recent search of both impartial and high-street chain bi-cycle shops showed bicycles costed between 400 GBP and 1, 000 GBP, practically all of which consequence from Taiwan, or America.

So what on earth about the modest British bicycle manufacturer? Carry out they continue to exist? British creation rates have declined season on year from 325, 000 units in the year 2003, to approximately 80, 500 units in 2007. Assess this to the imports of around 3. 5 million, and we get a stark contrast to true British production. Wherever they exist, they seem to be, typically, made-to-order and seem to be to serve for the specialist market segments of, for example, Athletics, Special Needs, professional strong work bicycles – for deliveries, etc. – and also the high-end, hand-built classic leisure market.

What did amaze me when searching the amount paid was the apparent lack of knowledge as to which of their stocks were British. Most of the view was – probably quite rightly – that all the stock was brought in or, if of some British origin, then only assembled in Britain from imported components – exactly as the China market started at the change of the twentieth hundred years.

Once again, in The uk we discover fluctuating energy prices; high unemployment; a Government that is seeking to promote a bicycle-to-work ethos in order to help reduce carbon exhausts; and we have some employers actively encouraging their employees with financial rewards for leaving their automobiles at home. So, why cannot we also encourage larger-scale bicycle production again into the nation, before their too late?

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