08 Sep

How to Fly the United States Flag

· The flag have to be hoisted promptly and lower ceremoniously.

· The flag is in no way allowed to the touch the floor or the floordouble sided

· when hung over a sidewalk on a rope extending from a constructing to a pole the union stars are constantly far from the constructing

· whilst vertically hung over the middle of a street, the flag constantly has the union stars to the north in an east/west avenue, and to the east in a north/south street.

· The flag of the United kingdom of yankee ought to be on the middle and the highest factor of the group whilst some offlags of the states or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs.

· The flag should by no means be festooned, drawn lower back, nor up. inside the fold however usually allowed to fall unfastened.

· The flag need to be displayed at halfbody of workers until noon on Memorial Day the raised to the pinnacle of the personnel.

· in no way fly the flag the other way up besides as a sign of distress in times of severe hazard to existence or belongings.

· The flag is never flown in inclement weather except while the usage of an all-climate flag.

· The flag may be flown every day from dawn to sunset and at night time if illumined nicely.

a way to fly our American Flag: interior

· while on a speaker’s podium, the flag need to be either above and in the back of the speaker, or to the speaker’s proper as he faces the target audience.

· while displayed either horizontally or vertically towards a wall, the union (blue areashould be uppermost and to the flag’s properthat is, the observer’s left.

· In a window, or suspended above a hall, the flag must hang with the union on the viewer’s left.

How our authorities places of work fly the United country Of Americas Flag:

· The flag should be flown daily at the principle administration building of public establishments.

· Polling places must show a flag on election days.

· faculty homes have to display a flag when college is in consultation.

· Flags need to fly at half ofgroup of workers on the deaths of certain authorities officers.

· whilst the flag is displayed in opposition to a wall with another flag from crossed staffs, the U.S. flag have to be at theproper (dealing with the target market) and its personnel must be on pinnacle of the other flag’s.

how to fly the yank Flag in a Parade:

· whilst the flag is carried in procession with different flags, it must be either on the right of the road of flags, or in the frontof the center of the line.

· On floats, the flag must be displayed on a staff.

· The flag should no longer be draped over a cartrain, or boat. when displayed with a automobile, the flag’s group of workers ought to be attached to the proper fender, or the chassis.

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