20 Feb

How to Connect Your Printer to Your Wireless Router

One of many great things about by using a wireless router is its ability to hook up to different devices. Your computers are linked. You are able to share files with the other computers. Even so, your computers are not the only ones that can be connected. You can also hook up your other computing devices such as your printer. You can access your WiFi configuration panel at 192.168.l.l

Listed below are the steps you should use when joining your printer to your wireless router: 

Stage 1: Buy an Ethernet, cable. Usually, there are Ethernet cables included when you buy your router. You may insert these cords on the array of slots separated from the WAN slot. Connect one end to the router and hook up the other end to your computer printer. But make sure your computer also has an Ethernet port. The elderly versions of printers you don’t have this slot. There are also some printers that can be linked with an USB cable. If the router has an UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS port, you can use this cable.

Step 2: To make sure that it has been properly connected, you should re-run the printer installation compact disk. You can choose there the Network option where you can configure the networking settings.

Step 3: Press your printer on. Go to your computer and click on the Start menu. Visit the control panel of your computer. Find the icon for the “network and sharing” and then double click it. A screen will appear. Discover the icon for “view computers and devices” and then double click it.

Step 4: If you used the USB cable connection to hook up your inkjet printer, you can configure the settings by going to the Smart menu of your computer and selecting the control panel option. Click “Printers” and then click on the “Add Printer” icon. Configure the network by clicking “Add A Network Printer”. A number of instructions will follow.

Step 5: Evaluation that by printing a test page. You can test the connectivity from all the computers in your local area interconnection.

The computers at home can now hook up to the printer. Just be sure your computer printer is open if you are trying to can get on. Otherwise, your computer is not going to really hook up to it.

So follow these easy steps if you are having somewhat of difficulty hooking up your printing photos device to your router. Maximize the use of your router today.

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