23 Oct

Hobart Tig Welding Machine Vs Miller Diversion 165

Hobart was one of the real heavy hitters in the welding machine production enterprise. So what occurred? The welding supply enterprise has experienced purchase outs and consolidations just like many other industries in the past twenty years or so. Even the welding supply chain I deal with has long gone from Holox, to Linde, to Airgas in the closing 7 or eightyears. And sincerely, there have been some hiccups along the way however that is every other tale for another day. https://saldatrici.hatenablog.com/

ITW – Illinois tool Works now owns each Miller electric powered and Hobart Welding. that allows you to observe the Feds rules on monopolies, Hobart has been specializing in welding machines beneath 250 amps. 

In other words, the hobbyist marketplace.

Does that imply that Hobart Tig and Mig Welding machines are toys which might be best appropriate for weekend warriors?

truly no longer.

Take the Hobart TIGMATE AC/DC Stick and TIG Welding gadget as an instanceit’s miles a completely useful Tig welder which can weld aluminum in addition to metallicstainless steel, and cast iron. Hobart’s specifications state it may weld aluminum up to a few/sixteen thick however realistically, with simplest a hundred sixty five amps, you is probablyyawning whilst you look ahead to a puddle. 1/8” thick aluminum must be no hassle with one hundred sixty fiveamps…despite a 20% duty cycle. particularly in case you use a 50/50 helium argon mix.

The low end minimal arc start amperage is listed at 20 amps for welding metal on DCEN. that may be a actual issue on without a doubt skinny body panels or thin wall chromoly tubing. it can be triumph over by means of the use of a small piece of copper to start the arc.

have you ever heard of Hobarts five/3/1 assurance? It means five years on the transformer and main additivesthree years at the pc boards, and knobs and so on, and 1 yr on the peripherals like regulators, torch, and so forthnow not too shabby.

So what’s the problem? This little sucker is listed at 167 lbs for the shipping weight. Wow!

20 years ago that might not have even raised an eyebrow. but now that inverter power resources are available, 167 lbs seems virtually heavy for a one hundred sixty five amp tig welding device.

That makes me need to hold buying…So we could have a look at every other option.

The Miller Diversion 165 is a completely corresponding to the Hobart Tigmate. obligation cycle is nearly equalaccessoriesare the same for the reason that both the Miller and Hobart TIG welding machines come with torch, regulator, and the whole lot else needed to tig weld except a cylinder of argon.

but the thing that hobbies me maximum approximately the Miller Diversion 165 is that it has a low cease arc begin of 10 amps. So the lowest line is that the Diversion has even better abilties than the Hobart TIGMATE and it weighs less than 1/3as much (approximately 50 lbs). this is due to the fact the Diversion one hundred sixty five uses inverter technology to substantially reduce the load of the transformer.

The fees of the two tig welders are nearly equal, the warranties are very comparablehowever the weight and the low stoparc begins are sufficient to make the huge difference.

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