13 May

Five Ways to Increase Small Business Cash Flow

Great amount of cash circulation is critical to operate a tiny business efficiently. The money stream must be positive, it constitutes the difference between the money in and the cash out. The company income builds up only if the number of cash in is greater than the quantity of cash out. When the big difference is negative, the business struggles, and to get cash to survive it may need credit, at an expensive price, the interest. Therefore, to raise the business cash flow one can take immediate action with the next five ways. Small business cash management

Supplier Circumstances

Your company may use a certain number of days to get paid by its vendors. In any case your business should avoid using cash on delivery or at purchasing to pay the suppliers. If your company reaches the beginning and the vendors do not accept terms, it is preferred to setup a pay in, or a credit credit card and negotiate conditions with 30 or more times to pay back. Will not to use the credit card each and every transaction because you are not able to control the cash stream. The only way you can use the credit card regularly at every transaction is when the product margin is high, so that the business profit made is high enough and you need not worry about paying for the supplier materials when the credit card costs arrives.

Just in case the company has preset payment conditions with the vendors, but still the cash movement is an issue, work out with the suppliers to pay in installments. Prearrange to pay off, but change the due time further forward6171, to allow the cash to move in. That way more cash will come in faster than it is out, so there is business earnings available to run your company.

Product Margins

Here are a few ways to increase your product margins: keep a continuous and valued relationship with your suppliers so they give you value-added products for the similar price. When a vendor terminates a product line and you are unable to get that product, go through the distribution channels who will offer you both cheaper products and value and then your product costs run comparatively less than before.

Customer Terms and Common Sales

Nowadays, the best if you ask the customers to pay with credit card, in small sales, that way the cash gets into your business account in 3-4 days depending on credit greeting card. If the business requires conditions of payment from the customer, for example 30 days, propose to them to pay in week or less for a discount or even pay on delivery for a higher discount for example 2%-5% or more.

To be able to apply a comfortable discount, the merchandise margin needs to be considerable, and subsequently the amount collected every sale needs to be higher. A higher amount per sale means products or existing products provided together bought at higher value. A greater average amount for each and every sale presents more cash coming in when everything else remains the same: percentage of expenses, overhead and income. It means increase of positive business cash stream.


The cost of maintaining the employees can be handled by reducing the employees’ overhead costs. As an example, let us suppose there are seven employees working at your workplace and their continuous occurrence is not necessary every day at the work place. They can also work from home, the management or control of the company can ask them to come to the work place on certain days and the rest to execute the same activities as they would be at work, but from home.

The employees rotate which days and nights to come to the office. The infrastructure provided for the employees to complete the tasks at home costs considerably less than providing it at the office. It reduces the overhead costs, the management can keep five operational desks rather than several.

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