14 Dec

Fitted Kitchen Zones

Certainly that we all have an idea about fixed kitchen zones, if not we will endeavour to acquire it from various resources. We all know that the soul of a kitchen is based on the work angle. Just as far as the task viewpoint is good, the production of a kitchen increases. This information throws light into those three kitchen areas and specific zones in the work triangular that plays a part in the efficiency of a kitchen. New fitted kitchen in Nottingham

Presently there are mainly three components in the fitted kitchen work triangle. They are,

Storage zone  
Cooking sector
Cleaning zone
Storage area

There are numerous facilities available in a fitted kitchen to store provisions, vegetables, and kitchen articles. However, family fridge and cabinets are the key storage facilities, which we use often. There are some important points that can help us to install a productive kitchen.

Always buy the necessary cooking home appliances prior preparing the plan of a fitted kitchen
Cabins can be made from PVC, wood, aluminium, and multi-wood.
Stainless material pull outs not only provides good finishing, but also high durability
Set up cabins only after the tile works are completed
Do not forget to install power plugs in the cabins where at any time it is necessary
A great satisfactory illumination facility should be installed in cabin rentals
Louvers must be installed in the cabin doorways where vegetables are stored
Cooking zone

It is the key attraction of a fitted kitchen. There are many factors, which makes the food preparation zone of a kitchen beautiful and professional.

The average height should not be more than one meter
You may build a tiny stand or cabin to keep your cooking kitchen apron, gloves, towel and cover
You can store all the essential cooking articles in cooking zone to save energy and time
Setting up hobs will help you keep keep your kitchen clean and pollution free
Avoid use marbles in the cooking zone, as they might absorb moisture and may get easily stained
In the event you do not have a pipe gas interconnection, rather than building a cabin under the cooktop it is better to maintain the cylinder outdoors.
Cooking zone should be organised and hygienic. A clean cooking zone will affect our mind positively. Often use quality metals and wood, since it is the most frequently used part of your kitchen.

Cleaning zone

Cleaning sector is the place, which we use before and after cooking. Understanding some important factors about cleaning zone will help all of us to keep it organised and efficient.

Cleaning region should be far from cooking zone.
Always choose sinks that contain an interesting depth of at least a few inches.
Double sinks included with vegetable washing dishes are recommended
Install drain boards in your preparing zone of your built in kitchen, as it will help to dry plates easily.
Request your installed kitchen manufacturer to include hand shower pull out taps in the cooking food zone, as it will make your cleaning job easier.

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