12 Jun

Custom Balloons

Ought to improve the visibility of your store or business? Should you attract more of the drive-by traffic streaming by your location? Terribly lack a fortune to spend to have this traffic? Ballon éclairant suspendu
Make an effort using custom balloons!

Custom made balloons provide an immediate boost to your presence and at a very affordable price. People many times drive by your business everyday and never take notice. It can be the Sale of the Hundred years but if people may know about this they cannot take good thing about it. 

Custom made Balloons are available in many kinds. The most popular type of custom as well as the is the custom helium advertising balloon. The go up is typically 7 ft in diameter and has your logo or communication on two sides of the balloon.

The best custom helium advertising balloons are made from polyurethane material, a material developed for NASA for the space program. Polyurethane does CERTAINLY NOT contain volatile organics that are constantly released like balloons manufactured from PVC. Under no circumstances allow yourself or your employees to come in contact with PVC balloons and also the volatile organic and natural gases that happen to be released by PVC. There exists a huge discussion presently on when pvc should be banned in the industrialized world. The polyurethane material utilized in the manufacture of large advertising balloons in the USA are even water soluble after there useful life and will decompose in the landfill in a period of time.

The best characteristics of using polyurethane custom helium advertising balloons are:

Much lighter than PVC made balloons so they fly significantly better,
Helium preservation is far superior to PVC made balloons so you will use much, a lesser amount of helium,
They keep their brilliance and gloss much longer than balloons made of PVC, and (drum roll please)
These types of balloons, in most occasions, cost just like the inferior custom balloons made out of PVC.
Currently there are three manufacturers in the USA involving polyurethane in the production of their custom balloons.

Be eco conscious and save money! You can’t beat it!

Now that you really know what kind of material to buy precisely what is next?

The bigger the custom the balloon the bigger the effect but many times going huge is not possible or at least not possible.

Do you have a place you can store a fully inflated go up?

How is the weather/wind at the proposed traveling location?

Do you have a “safe” location to connect the custom helium go up?

How close is your target audience?

Will you go with a logo or message?

Need to change the message on your custom balloon often?

Hues! Colors! Colors!

If you can take a few minutes and consider these questions you is likely to make a much better selection and be THRILLED with your new custom balloon!

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