18 Apr

Common False Myths About Weight Loss Diet Plans That You Should Avoid

As a result of huge market for successful weight loss programs in our developed societies, there has been an increase of numerous weight loss programs that contain been introduced into this huge market. fruit diet for weight loss in 7 days

On the other hand, if you take a closer check out many of these programs you will realise that “all that glitters is not gold”. Some of these products are actually dangerous to your health while others aren’t really as beneficial as they claim to be. 

As a result, in this article we shall be taking a better look at some false myths that encircle some of this diet and weight loss programs that contain hit the industry recently:

-The natural vegan diet plan

The proponents of the raw vegetarian diet plan brainwash people into believing this type of diet is good for their health although, this diet actually brings about serious vitamin and health deficiencies if it is not properly supplemented.

Kids which may have tried this type of strictly raw vegetarian diet for very long periods developed growth problems like the development of abnormally low heights and body weights in children, reduced bone density and development of skinny braches.

Some children fed about this diet also develop inflamed bellies and pinched face while some other children developed rickets.

If you want to land on this type of organic diet you should seek professional advice and you must supplement this diet with the right portions of nutritional and supplement supplements.

-Meal replacement diet plan

A good example of this type of diet is the less heavy meal replacement plan which advocates that you should restrict your calorie consumption to 500 calories by replacing your major dishes with lighter products like shakes and soups. The dieter is instructed to drink only water in addition to the products.

Even so, if you do not follow the instructions in this diet plan faithfully, it can lead to catastrophic consequences; a lot of people that drank too much normal water after using the products in this diet plan actually died.

If you want to use this diet plan, you must follow the instructions to the letter.

-Acai berry fruits

One of the most overhyped weight loss foods is acai fruit; almost all of the advertising campaigns concerning this bogus super food are packed with fake testimonials and a lot of pseudo-science promises.

Some of the funny adverts about this fruits claim that they have purifying and detoxifying properties. They will also claim that once you are employing this the acai berry, you do not need to modify your diet and lifestyle.

The reality of the matter is that even though acai berry berry contains some vitamin supplements and minerals, you can buy almost all of the nutrition and vitamins that it contains form less expensive fruits like oranges and lemons.

Also if you consume only acai fruit to lose weight, all the pounds of weight that you already know will be gained back once you revert to your normal diet; it triggers serious rebound extra weight after you stop eating it.

-Hoodia diet pills

The hoodia slimming pill is a diet pill that is often advertised as an appetite reducing drug which is able to trigger significant weight loss. Some advertisers of this pill also lay down claim to the validation on this pill by various celebrities.

However the fact about this pill is that almost all of the technological trials on this tablet haven’t given any definitive and steady positive results thus refuting the promises that this pill is a wonder weight reduction pill.

Also, you must realise that this South african hoodia pill is yet to be fully approved by the meals and drug operations referred to as FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. So, please acquiring taken away by all the advertising hype around this pill.

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