28 Nov

Canon Camera

Cannon has a variety of cameras; from professional high range SLRs cameras to movie cams to normal compact digital cameras to a family event use. The common thing of most Rule cameras is that they use the EOS vehicle focus system. The N, A and T series cameras from canon are favourites among the list of professional photographers. The IXUS range of video cameras caters to the family folks who would like to tuck in a camera in their bank while each goes on a weekend trip. Ixus video

Several has lately entered the marketplace of bridge cameras that are cameras with over 10x optical zoom but are as convenient as point and shoot digital cams. This area is certainly focused by Ricoh and Panasonic. The first entrant in this area was SX100IS from Canon’s power shot range. Canon upgraded it with SX110IS which was a hot seller among camera enthusiast and received kudos from reviewers across the world. The recent up gradation in is it doesn’t SX200IS that comes with a Hd-video recording features. With 200IS Canon has proved that this can not only master the potential of superior picture quality through its great lens but also compact body design. 

Canon is receiving over its rivals also due to its huge service network. Any Several camera comes with a warrantee and can be serviced free of cost at any of the Canon camera repairs service stations. Even after the warrantee period is over, Canon cameras can be serviced by professionals at these Canon camera vehicle repairs service stations, but for a price.

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