03 Dec

Are We Like Hares Blinded by Car Headlights?

The moment confronted with major occasions like the last 2 years of economical tool coaster, it’s easy to slip into “freeze mode”. x-treme vision

Is it because were bombarded by he mass media capitalizing on the crisis overseas and how it influences us? Or do we “freeze” for other reasons, like a remarkable embrace our natural propensity to doubt? 

Let myself explain: when considering to doing something different and uncommon to get more clients and generate growth in our businesses, we always show reluctance based on “What if it switch up useful info? inches… To the point that people lose all momentum simply to stare at the big event such as a Tsunami proceeding for us, amplified by radio, TV and newspapers coverage.

Simultaneously we ignore all the small things that we could do with little effort or cost and that could make a huge big difference to our businesses. Points like after sale good manners calls, referral programs and joint ventures. So we leave each one of these small tools and tricks in our tool box and keep staring in the wish that things will get better.

Our sheer opinion in our business development freezes as well, as we shift into endurance mode.

The problem is that survival mode inevitably brings about a downturn. What if we did the things we should have been doing before but didn’t do because sales were trucking along OKAY? What happens if we now made the decision to do the uncommon, the more quirky, the “extra mile” kind of items that makes a daily difference?

The very next time you get a reflective rest, like over Xmas, why not check out all the little changes you may make to get your business cranking again?

Remember, the hare only needs a couple of small sidesteps to avoid getting run over.

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