23 May

API Writing – As Technical As Technical Writing Gets

A lot of technical communication fields have low entry thresholds (such press release and job application writing, for example). Other folks have far tougher entrance conditions and they also pay accordingly. API (Application Product Interface) articles are one such highly specialized documentation field. google keyword planner api

API writing is for software technical engineers who would like to go for documentation, or complex writers who know development and also have an intimate knowledge of software design and build process. It’s a tough specialization that compensates well. 

Briefly, an API is a collection of all the methods, functions, objects, classes, etc. that developers (software engineers) usage in developing a software product. Initially, all those programming components look controllable since there are just a handful of them. Yet in an application job that spreads over many months and years, such interface components multiply like rabbits. More often than not, the project needs someone to document and make sense of all the tools and methods employed by they. That’s when the API Writers gets into the picture.

To become an API writer you need to know at least a few programming languages like C, C++, Java, and so on. You ought to be able to look into a code and at least identify it is main components and chat intelligibly about it with the developers.

Among the documents that the API writer generates are Programmer’s Guides, Quick API Reference point Guides, System Administration Manuals, Installation Guides, Specifications, and many others.

An API writer also needs to know how to use the typical tools of the trade like Adobe FrameMaker (excellent for single-sourcing multi-platform documentation) and such specialized code-extraction tools like Doxygen and Javadoc. Some API writers are required to generate UML (Unified Modeling Language) blueprints as well. That’s why advanced knowledge of such diagramming and flowcharting tools as MS Visio also comes in handy.

If you love technology and software coding as much as writing and information design, API writing could be your window of a stable career with good pay.

In the United Says, the best locations for API writers are Si Valley in California, the Northern Virginia corridor, Downtown TX, Research Triangle in North Carolina, Rt. 128 corridor in Boston, Portland Oregon, and Seattle in Washington State. In India, Bangalore would be a good city to find employment as an API writer. In China, Shanghai in china is a good guess for API writing careers.

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