26 Feb

9 Quick Tips To Buying A Stair Lift

Step lifts provide more than simply a means of getting from the downstairs floor of your house to the upstairs – they also represent mobility and freedom to an ageing technology.

As time goes by, it is merely natural that we find certain each day activities, such as rising the stairs, becoming progressively difficult. For someone with limited mobility due to injury, disability or serious diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and angina installing a stair lift is a low-cost sound judgment solution. stairservice.com

And with today’s advanced technology practically every home can be fitted with a stair lift, even if this has a curved set of stairs. Before you go forward and purchase your step lift ensure you use a professional and approved company with experience in this field. 

Here is a quick and easy step lift buying guide:

— Should you be unsure about what kind of stair lift up is suited to your home get some independent advice from the Occupational Remedy Department of any local sociable services.

— Inquire abuout about the models a company sells.

— Read sales literature and brochures, find out about the several brands of stair lifts and the models available.

— Get several quotes from different companies, but make sure they are for the same or ‘like for like’ models before comparing the prices.

— Make sure the quotation covers the provision AND fitting of the step lift.

— When you have a curved staircase, ask the company to examine your staircase and give you a personalised quote.

— Compare also the after sales service. What happens if your stair lift up breaks down? Are you covered for repairs and maintenance or do you have to pay away extra for a service contract?

— If you are thinking of purchasing from a non-manufacturer, check that the organization is an approved supplier, otherwise they might not exactly have the ability to obtain spare parts.

— Rather than buy a stair lift from someone who tries to cause you to buy that day or is pushing a certain stair lift on you. Salespeople are paid to clench deals and will often discount the price heavily to secure someone buy – but the model they really want you to buy may well not be right for you.

If you are considering using a step lift at home the web page below contains free information and impartial advice about this subject.

You will find that installing a stair lift up will give you entry to the whole of your home with ease, comfortableness convenience. It is also a much more economical when compared to the price tag on converting your existing home having or having to relocate to an individual storey accommodation.

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